Angel Cards

Many people believe in Tarot readings and yet are scared to have it done. They believe that because the Tarot is similar to the ouja board and that some of the readings can be rather negative and could be interpreted as frightening.

These cards (rather like Tarot cards) on the other hand are a unique way of asking Angels questions that uplift or guide you through everyday life or troubled times. There are a number of angel card producers but the one thing that all cards have in common is ‘gentle guidance’.  They are shuffled similar to a deck of ordinary playing cards and either put face up or down by your reader. You can do this yourself if you feel confident.

If you cannot meet in person, you can even email or telephone a card reader with your question or worry. Your reader will shuffle the cards on your behalf and give you the Angel card reading. The cards are produced in various forms either with angelic messages or with images of certain angels which your trained card reader can interpret for you.

We all need a little guidance and assistance during our walk through life. Although it is easy to mock the idea there are an increasing number of people who use them on a regular basis who find the answers they are given most enlightening. It is a fact that we all wonder what fate has in store for us, its basic human nature to be curious. Whether we are on our own or in a large family we all still have our quiet thoughts and worries about decisions we make which affect our future.

Should I move house or should I end a relationship? These are just some of the questions we ask in the hope that we can get another point of view. We all wish and hope that we have our own special guardian Angel, with card readings you have a better and more intimate connection with something many people totally believe in. We have gathered together a selection of card deck reviews. A useful resource to Angel card readings can be found here.

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