Guardian Angels

I believe in Guardian Angels – do you believe?

Guardian Angels - an illustration from WikipediaThe concept of of a personal angel ‘looking after you’ – is one that exists in every major religion, with the followers of that religion tending to believe that they watch over them and protect them. An angel  is not just a figment of our imagination, but rather a very real and individual form that is always present wherever we go, playing a major role in our everyday life and how we live it. Obviously, not everyone can see their personal guardian – only those who believe can visualize them and feel that they are close by and watching, waiting to communicate with you. (poetry and prayers).

Our Guardian Angels are always next to us and help us through our problems and miseries, and if you are willing to believe our angels can bring us a feelings of hope, angelic optimism and a promise of a brighter and better future. Some say that in order to communicate with Angels and experience the challenges embodied in the family of Angels, you need to be a medium or a psychic but this is categorically untrue. There have been innumerable instances of ordinary people who have been able to communicate and reach out gaining great solace and satisfaction in the process.

Do you believe that Guardian Angels communicate with you in life?

To truly get the best of this unique spiritual and in body experience, you must first know whether they are within your proximity, or allow their presence to appear to you. How can you learn to recognize when you are in the close proximity of an angelic presence? Often they leave physical signs such as white feathers or some other clearly recognizable factor. My own father was an enthusiastic smoker of cigars and many of my fondest memories are of him sitting relaxing in the sun with the smell of cigar smoke wafting in my direction.

On many occasions, I have noticed a small white feather around the house, or even in the car which I like to think tells me that my father, my Guardian Angel in angelic form, is close by, giving me the feeling that he is watching over me. On other occasions I have been outside and detected a clear hint if tobacco smoke in the air even though there was no obvious source of the smell close by.

I believe that my father wants to appear to me, in life, in angel form to reassure me that he is watching over people and not only me. He is there to help my family with life’s spiritual challenges and trying to give me spiritual direction. Through his experiences of life, he wants to feel that he is helping me to deal with my personal experiences and questions and prove that through my work I can find a true path which will intervene in other peoples lives and help them believe in this idea that guides the simple, human soul on a path to have a reason to love.

There are times in everyone’s busy life when you suddenly have a moment of total clarity, when the real world appears to stand still and you seem to have a feeling of being surrounded by angelic music although no music is actually being played. I believe that to be an instance of angelic music whispering to me. You can try and achieve this state by trying to free yourself of all distractions – try to empty your mind of all external thoughts and maybe you might hear the sound of a familiar tune or a melody which means so much to you because of an association with a loved one.

Who is my Guardian Angel?

Another indication that you may be in the presence of your guardian angel is when they communicate their angelic  presence in a dream and appear to be real and watching what you do. It has been acknowledged by experts in psychiatry that your dreams are definitely connected to your most private and innermost spiritual experiences – and connected to the angelic  images embodied in your past experiences that mean the most to you and that have had the most dynamic impact on your life.

Being relaxed in sleep allows our minds to relax and visit places which we would not imagine when we are awake and dealing or struggling with life’s problems. When we sleep we are capable of connecting with things, ideas and people from our past. It is by utilizing these links which we can make when asleep that our guardian angels can connect with us and appear in our dream state and make themselves known to us.

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